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This handmade jewelry piece is crafted of .999 fine silver using precious metal clay.


Item details:

  • 19 grams of fine silver
  • Polka Dot Agate cabochon 26mm
  • 18" long sterling silver chain


A beautiful and stunning Polka Dot Agate displaying plumes and some subtle blue agate in what appears to be a lake scene.  The cabochon is cut a rounded square shape and is bezel set in fine silver and the entire piece of jewelry has been oxidized to showcase all the details.  The pendant measures approx 1 1/4" long. The pendant hangs from an 18” long sterling silver chain.


What's Polka Dot Agate?  Polka dot agate is an orbicular agate produced from the Priday Agate Beds of central Oregon. It has an appearance that sounds just like its name. It is a semitransparent to semitranslucent agate with suspended round "dots" of contrasting colors.


All of my jewelry comes nicely packaged and ready for gift giving.

All orders ship within 48 hours and are mailed USPS First Class.

GD306- Polka Dot Agate Fine Silver Necklace

  • Metal clay is a crafting medium consisting of very small particles of metal such as silver, gold, bronze, or copper mixed with an organic binder and water for use in making jewelry, beads and small sculptures. Originating in Japan in 1990, metal clay can be shaped just like any soft clay, by hand or using molds. After drying, the clay can be fired in a variety of ways such as in a kiln, with a handheld gas torch, or on a gas stove, depending on the type of clay and the metal in it. The binder burns away, leaving the pure sintered metal.

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